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VM Black is a self-published paranormal romance author who is absolutely rocking the self-publishing industry. After a bitter experience with a traditional publisher, Ms. Black took over her own book promotions, platform-building, packaging – everything and anything to do with selling her books. What is more, she is better at the job than her previous publicist!

VM Black is passionate about writing, publishing, and interacting with fans. She has developed a fool-proof system that allows her to create (and sell!) books people love to read.

In today’s episode, VM Black discusses…

  • Her transition from traditional to self-publishing
  • The difference between paper books and eBooks: Shelf life and profit per book
  • The importance of producing the right kind of books – both for yourself and for the market
  • Ps of success:
    • Position – Hitting the sweet spot of writing something you like in a clear genre with an established audience
    • Production – Deciding on how much to produce in terms of novel(la) length, series length, etc. Professional editing important
    • Presentation – Cover, book blurb, title, and icon as they appear in eBook store. VM goes over each component, including the less-mentioned but vital “front and back matter”
    • Pricing – Information on Amazon royalties and some tips on choosing a price-point for your book(s)
    • Promotion – FaceBook ads, Google ads, Tumblr ads, and how to choose your budget
    • Platform – Why every author needs their own platform. Building a mailing list
  • What you need to expect in a career as an author

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