Steve Olsher | Finding Your “What” and Making it Profitable

Steve Olsher is America’s “reinvention expert.” Steve is a life-long entrepreneur who discovered his “what” – the gift that made him unique and equipped him to help others. He has dedicated his career to guiding fellow entrepreneurs and brilliant people of all ages to finding their calling – and answering it properly.

Steve has been featured on CNN, ABS, Forbes, FOX, NBC, and Chicago’s the ManCow Show. He is also a New York Times Best-Selling Author and a respected TED speaker.

In this episode, Steve discusses…

  • His life as an entrepreneur: From music to real estate
  • The difference between chasing opportunities and creating them
  • The concept of reinvention
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • The moment that changed his life and led him to finding his “what”
  • Having realistic expectations, or why quitting your day-job while pursuing your “what” may not be the best idea
  • The entitled generation and faulty world outlooks
  • Creating a plan and earning your dream-life
  • The difference between a hobby and a vocation, and why one should not necessarily become the other
  • Partnerships with key people as the best way to grow a business (check out Steve’s course, The Partnership Formula)
  • Finding the right business partners
  • Using affiliate programs correctly
  • Bottom line: You are the solution to someone’s problem. Don’t hold back!

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