Steve Chou | How To Create The Life You Want

Steve Chou runs the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast, a blog by the same name, and an online store that fully substituted his wife’s 6-figure income within a year of opening. Steve shares his expertise and in online marketing with entrepreneurs all over the world, and helps others achieve success in their own ventures.

Steve’s entrepreneurial success was largely due to his ability to direct traffic to his products – both physical and information-based – and build a loyal fanbase interested in what he has to say. Today, he discusses:

  • The reason behind the founding of Bumblebee Linens, Steve’s eCommerce store
  • The birth of the MWQHJ Blog and Podcast
  • Expectations and reality when it comes to online business
  • The importance of hiring a coach and networking with other entrepreneurs
  • Creating content which relates to a specific, targeted audience
  • Making yourself visible to your potential customers
  • Why free is not actually free: The cost of being too cheap
  • Why podcasting is a great way to make your business visible
  • The benefit of addressing your customers’ questions and fears before pitching a product
  • Creating content with the world in mind
  • Steve’s advice:
  • Get your finances straight before launching a business
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in the right tools
  • Get a mentor to set you on the right road – or prepare for a number of avoidable failures

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