S.E. Smith | How To Successfuly Publish Compelling, Bestseling Books

S.E. Smith is the bestselling author of over thirty romance, sci-fi, and fantasy books. Miss Smith is astonishingly prolific writer, and has been recognized as a best-selling author by both the New York Times and USA Today. In 2014, she also received the prestigious RomCom Readers Crown Award in 2014.

Did we mention she is self-published?

Miss Smith taught herself how to market, package, and delegate social media duties to make her books successful. In today’s interview, she discusses…

  • Her journey as an author: From teacher, to teacher- and -writer, to full-time author
  • Choosing self-publishing over traditional publishing
  • Managing a full-time job, house chores, and writing
  • Strategies she employs when writing
  • The importance of professional covers
  • Listening to your audience and creating online presence as needed
  • Writing in several genres: Why the author, rather than the topic, is important
  • Book quality as top priority for an author that wants a loyal audience
  • Making sure to take care of yourself
  • Delegating tasks to more qualified people (ex: social media)
  • The issue of piracy and self-publishing
  • Tips for authors

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