Robert Richman | How to Create a Profitable Business Culture

Robert Richman is a culture architect and keynote speaker. Robert co-created Zappos Insights, a company dedicated to building and improving the culture of businesses in all fields. He built Zappos Insights from a small company to a multi-million dollar business that now reaches more than 25,000 people a month.

Robert is a world authority on employee culture. He is a sought-after speaker, and his insights have helped businesses such as Google, Toyota, Eli Lily and others create a better workplace for their workers. Robert is also passionate about helping entrepreneurs create the personal culture needed to achieve their goals.

In today’s episode, Robert discusses…

  • His previous occupations and how they led him to his career at Zappos
  • Keynote speaking
  • The importance of business culture and what it is
  • For authors: The difference between fame and financial success
  • Media today: Leveraging media appearances where it matters
  • What he learned in marketing business books
  • Business and the “syndicate method”
  • Producing culture in a creative environment – and why you should do so
  • The value of small, passionate audiences
  • Finding and investing in your super-fans
  • Strategies to create collaboration and a strong business culture
  • Signs that you may have to change gears
  • Advice on writing and publishing books

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