Rick Mulready | FaceBook Advertising for Authors: Big Business Strategies on Small Business Budget

Rick Mulready helps small businesses advertise like big brands, without the big price tag.

Rick is a social media specialist with twelve years of corporate advertising experience working for the biggest brands in the world. Today, Rick helps entrepreneurs launch successful FaceBook ad campaigns, grow their business, and bring in the right type of customers to their landing pages.

In this episode, Rick discusses…

  • His corporate and big brand background
  • His decision to work with small businesses and help entrepreneurs navigate social media marketing campaigns
  • The three stages of advertising planning: 1) Know your audience. 2) Know your audience’s preferred online platform. 3) Know the type of content your audience prefers to consume.
  • Maintaining a healthy and genuine online presence
  • Keeping up to date with the news in your industry: Free tools and simple strategies
  • The ins and outs of FaceBook advertising:
  • The three types of FaceBook advertising, broken down (CPC, CPM, and Optimized CPM)
  • Choosing the right FaceBook advertising program
  • Budgeting and the right mindset. You are in control of your advertising budget!
  • Conversion pixels and optimizing for conversions, not actions

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