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Get Your Head In The Game:

ObstacleThe Obstacle Is The Way: Ryan Holiday.  In my humble opinion this book should be mandatory reading not only for every would be author-entrepreneur but for every child over the age of 9.  Based on the ancient philosophy of “stoicism”, Holiday breaks down what it takes, not to succeed in spite of failure/adversity, but to thrive because of it.  Not a single line in this book is “new-age-woo-woo-crap”.  This is some badly needed, actionable advice for anyone who has had, is having or will have struggles in their life (that means YOU).  Very infrequently will I tell you to buy something because not everything is for everyone.  But this is for everyone.  Buy & read this book tonight.  Click here >>


Tools To Help You Grow Your Social Audience:

bh-120x120-03-dyFirst and foremost you’ll need a website.  This requires a domain and hosting.  I know it’s been seen everywhere on the net but I really do believe BlueHost is the easiest.  I used to recommend HostGator but due to their sudden crash in customer service and ever increasing security issues I’m not really sold on them.  BlueHost has very similar pricing, better service and are far easier to use when setting up a blog.  Check them out here >>


Content Marketing On Steroids: 

bufferappIf you’ve ever tried to fill your freaking social media newsfeeds with good content on a consistent basis then you’ve run into this issue: It’s almost impossible and takes forever.  Enter Buffer.  OMG.  This freaking app is actually free and is currently saving my life on a near hourly basis.  As you read killer stuff on the web you just click a button and it’s “Buffered” into your feeds on a whole host of social media properties.  Click here.  Get it. >>


Building Your List:

leadpages-logo-150x150Your email list is the most vital aspect of your business.  Period.  Let me say it another way: If you’re not building your list you’re not building your business.  Personally I like to keep the technical end of things as easy as possible.  I use LeadPages.  The reason I like it is because you don’t have to make a bunch of different versions to accommodate for mobile traffic.  It adjusts automatically.  They also easily integrate with just about every autoresponder company out there as well as GoToWebinar.  Check them out there >>


Where To Put Your List:

Aweber-LogoI’ve been using Aweber since I started this crazy journey back in 2006.  They’re a fantastic, easy to use service that works with LeadPages (mentioned above).  Because of all the different laws and ISP regulations regarding email usage it’s beyond a good idea to use a service that keeps up on everything.  Over the years I’ve had a subscription to just about every other service and still, without question, Aweber is my favorite.  Click here to try them out for $1 >>


Looking Good Doing It:


Need royalty free/stock images?  I totally LOVE Fotolia.  Been using them for a few years now and can’t say enough good things.  Just about all the images I use come from this single service.  Because I use A LOT of images their monthly subscription makes a ton of sense.  Click here to check them out >>



PhotoShop Quality With Drag/Drop Simplicity:

slicerIf you’ve seen my landing page then you’ve noticed there’s a certain look/feel to the show graphics.  I use a service called SlicerApps by a guy named Joey Kissimme.  (Yes, I had him on the show and you can check it out here) The link I have here is just for fans of the show and will give you 100% access to all the different apps for one, discounted price so you don’t need to buy them individually.  For the podcast I use “YouTube” slicer which creates an image that fits perfectly into FaceBook as well as other social media platforms.  For my webinars I’ve started using the 1820 version to make my slides.  He also has sizes for FaceBook, Podcasts and a bunch more.  Buy this.  It’s fantastic and I use it pretty much every time I need to make some custom images.  Click here to get the discount >>

Creating Your Book:

PPSbadgeContent marketing is totally cool and nothing says “I’m a badass” like having your own book on the subject.  Perfect Publishing System is the course I created to help hone in on what your market really wants you to write about.  Using this same system my publishing company was able to crank out a stream of bestsellers on Amazon and even hit #2 on the Wall Street Journal.  Register for the free live-stream webinar here.  Even if you don’t buy the course you’ll get some very helpful tips from the presentation.  Click to register free >>

Working Hard To Make Me Look Good:

AudienceHacker-46-500Rosemary Bridges is the owner of Rosie Bridges Photography who serves Lake County, IL as well as surrounding counties and Wisconsin. Rosemary focuses on lifestyle and portrait session that capture families, couples, and newborns. However, she is not limited to just these. She has taken on clients for boudoir, head shots, and cooperate events just to name a few.

Check her out here >>

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More To Come Soon…