Joel Boggess & Dr. Pei Kang | How to Get on TV & Create Successful Book Events

Today’s interview features not one, but two amazing entrepreneurs: Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang, the hosts of the ReLaunch Show, a podcast about people overcoming obstacles and restarting their lives and careers. Joel is an Amazon bestselling author. Dr. Pei is the business executive behind ReLaunch, as well as a gifted endodontist and a yoga instructor. Both are doing what they love – and excelling at it!

In today’s episode, Joel and Dr. Pei discuss…

  • Their publishing experience: From eBooks to Print Books
  • The value of a physical book
  • Traditional publishing: its advantages, and its limitations
  • Creating a marketing platform and why having one is important
  • Marketing
  • Book signings: Why they are important, how to set them up, and how to promote them
  • Getting on TV and other media: Easier than it seems, with the right approach
  • Leveraging media appearances
  • Creating your own book signing events as a self-published author

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