Pat Flynn | The Art & Tactics Behind Creating A Lucrative Name For Yourself Anywhere

Pat Flynn went from working a day-job as an architect to earning more than 60K per month through passive income. His immense success led Pat to creating the Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast, where he shares passive income strategies and his own journey.

In today’s episode, Pat discusses…

  • The importance of dedication and consistency in building a sustainable, lucrative business: No overnight success!
  • Why you should complete one project before starting another (super important for authors)
  • Persisting over difficulties, boredom, and distractions and getting things done
  • Just in Time Learning: Learn what you need to accomplish current goals. Do not allow yourself to be distracted – even by knowledge!
  • Hiring a team: “Do what you do best, outsource the rest” – Chris Ducker, Virtual Freedom
  • -What to outsource: Make lists of three things. 1. Things you hate doing in your business. 2 Things you can’t do in your business, but need done. 3. Things you can do but should not be doing in your business. Find people to cover all three lists.
  • Creating and accomplishing daily goals (do not have to be business-related!)
  • Accountability: Get people who will hold you accountable and motivate you to accomplish your goals! Mastermind groups are great for that.
  • Fear as a motivator, and why it is important to not be held back by self-doubt.
  • Understanding which platform(s) will bring the best exposure for you and your business and the power of podcasting
  • Choosing your social media platforms and why you should build your presence one platform at a time
  • Email list-building

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