Natalie Sisson | Suitcase Entrepreneurship & Focused Business Strategies

Natalie Sisson is the Suitcase Entrepreneur. A world-traveler, entrepreneur, and renowned blogger, Natalie began her business with a single goal: Achieving freedom for herself, and inspiring it in others.

Natalie runs her multi-faceted mobile business from…pretty much everywhere and anywhere. In addition to hosting a podcast, putting together workshops and online courses, writing blogs, and speaking all over the world, Natalie teaches entrepreneurs how to found and succeed in running a business they love.

In today’s episode, Natalie discusses…

  • Her mobile business, accomplishments, and journey to success
  • Setting business strategies and achieving your goals in under a year
  • Daily routine: Why you should definitely not skip breakfast
  • Time management – or how Natalie runs an international business on the go
  • Building a team and freeing your time
  • Freedom, integrity, and setting deadlines
  • Audience creation through visibility: Be consistent

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