Michael Port | From TV To New York Times: How To Book Yourself Solid

Michael Port is a New York’s Best Selling Author, an actor, a speaker, and a marketing and branding specialist. He and his team help entrepreneurs, authors, and companies build their brands and book themselves solid.

Michael started his business career in the fitness industry. He had no prior qualifications or experience; what he did have was confidence, and the ability to communicate it to prospective employers. Today, Michael heads his own company and team, and helps others do the same.

In today’s episode, Michael discusses…

  • His career, from acting to business to entrepreneurship
  • The value publishing a book can bring to your business
  • Navigating traditional book publishing
  • Book proposals and creating a plan for your book (for traditional as well as self-published authors)
  • Surrounding yourself with great people
  • Book marketing campaigns
  • Striving for your best rather than perfection
  • Achieving unconscious competence

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