Lou Mongello | Magical Entrepreneurship: Walt Disney Radio

Lou Mongello was once a lawyer. Now, he is the happy owner and host of WDW Radio: A show dedicated to the magic of Walt Disney World and its fans.

Lou is a renowned entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and published author. He has built a tremendously successful business by producing and sharing content around a subject he loves, and is determined to help others do the same.

In today’s episode, Lou discusses…

  • Starting his business: How an idea became a reality
  • Thinking of your business as an extension of yourself; or why production quality matters
  • Growing an audience around a shared interest: Strategies and tips for niche audience growth
  • Creating content that will fit your audience’s needs and solve their problems
  • Public speaking, love event creation, and corporate sponsorships as monetization means
  • Working up to a goal and not giving up
  • Today’s technological possibilities

Links mentioned in this episode:

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