Kimanzi Constable | How To Get Massive Traffic, Eyeballs And Become A Master Audience Builder

Kimanzi Constable is a best-selling author, popular speaker, marketing coach, and all-around business success. Kimanzi began his career as an entrepreneur in the bread business. In 2011, he decided that he was made for bigger things and set to self-publish a book. His experience with publishing, marketing, and growing a business online led him to finding his true passion: Helping others fulfill their dreams.

Kimanzi grew his audience and reach through one main strategy: Guest-blogging. In today’s interview, Kimanzi shares his journey to success as well as discusses…

  • His life before 2011: Entrepreneurship, limitations, and growth
  • Self-publishing: Expectations versus reality
  • Building an audience from zero
  • Guest-posting as a traffic generation strategy
  • Best practices in pitching guest-posts to popular blogs
  • Finding your audience and engaging them
  • Social media: Dos and Don’ts
  • Becoming a speaker and finding engagements
  • Creating speaking proposals
  • Self-publishing tips and tricks for Amazon KDP
  • Book contests and engaging your audience
  • Finding coaching clients: FaceBook ads vs. Emailing list

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