Kevin Tumlinson | How To Publish a Book a Month & Grow Your Reach

Kevin Tumlinson is an author, writing coach, marketing expert, and host of the Wordslinger Podcast. After deciding to make writing his career, Kevin created a writing work program that got him to publishing a book a month (from a baseline of two books in four years).

In addition to writing, Kevin teaches others how to create and publish well-written, successful books. In today’s episode, he shares his knowledge and discusses…

  • His history of professional writing (he started at 12!)
  • Deciding to take up writing as a profession
  • His average workday as an author
  • Choosing Scrivener over Microsoft Word
  • Using Scrivener to direct workflow: Or why your novel should be scenes-driven
  • Beta-readers, editors, book covers and everything you need to succeed
  • Knowing your audience: Women as biggest fiction consumers
  • Why you should approach writing as a business: Setting goals and deadlines
  • Books as products
  • The importance of marketing and networking with other authors (not as scary or difficult as it sounds!)

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