Justin Lee | Growing Your Business For Free: How To Hire/Train & Leverage Your Own Intern Army

Justin Lee grew his business by tapping into a resource disregarded by many entrepreneurs: Interns. Having reaped the success of well-executed internship programs in his own ventures, Justin has grown passionate about helping entrepreneurs find the right interns for their businesses – and vice versa.

Justin is the cofounder and CEO of Efficient Enterprises Inc., the parent company of Intern Profits. He grew Intern Profits from a site dedicated to answering fellow entrepreneurs’ questions regarding interns to a company, and is now the go-to expert when it comes to creating valuable internships and hiring the right interns.

In today’s episode, Justin discusses…

  • Going from corporate to self-employed to needing a bigger workforce on a budget
  • His experience with hiring interns for the first time and the inspiration behind Intern Profits
  • Why interns are a life-saver for entrepreneurs, big or small
  • The value business owners offer interns by creating an internship program
  • Creating valuable internships and finding amazing interns – virtually for free!
  • Why you should expect a large response to your internship position posting
  • Compensating interns
  • Hiring college students for internship positions
  • Top three places to find good interns – and how to go about recruiting them
  • Sample projects with which business owners can task interns (and make their own lives a lot easier)
  • How interns boost profit and help grow your audience (and online traffic!)

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