Jordan Harbinger | The Art of Charm

Jordan Harbinger is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, a site and podcast dedicated to helping men achieve success in personal and business relationships. As an entrepreneur, Jordan knows how important networking and personal presentation is to a business’ success. He and his team aim to equip their listeners with the tools and strategies that will help them sell their most valuable product: themselves.

The Art of Charm has changed with its customers and founders. Jordan has had to rebrand his company since its founding in 2007, to account for shifting in the field of dating advice, his audience’s needs, and his own interests – and done so with great success!

In today’s episode, Jordan discusses…

  • The importance of branding your business with yourself and your desired customers in mind
  • Building a brand that has a long-term growth
  • Facing the challenge of a changing business field and combating bad associations
  • Biggest challenge of running a business: Building the right reputation
  • Listening to customer feedback and growing your business to meet demand – within reason
  • Why you should not hire your friends
  • Networking tips for introverts: How to appear confident and build confidence with your body language
  • For authors: Remember that people are not buying your product, but you. Make yourself marketable.
  • Active listening, its importance, and how to master it.

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