John Corcoran | How To Build – and Keep! – Relationships That Will Grow Your Business

John Corcoran is the founder of Smart Business Revolution, a site dedicated to helping people network effectively, efficiently, and consistently – with the right people. John has a talent for building professional relationships that last, and is now sharing that talent with entrepreneurs that need help finding and keeping influencers in their circle of friends.

John has worked as an aide at the Clinton White House, Dream Works, and Silicone Valley among other exciting places. He credits his professional success to his ability to create personal relationships with influencers, and keep those relationships alive and strong over time. Today, he shares some of his strategies with us.

In this episode, John discusses…

  • His professional career and how personal relationships got him a dream job in the White House
  • Why being introverted is not an impediment to building a solid network
  1. Have the right mindset, philosophy
  2. Have a strategy, be deliberate
  3. Follow up; continue strengthening the relationship
  • Know who you want to connect with, and why: Make a list of influencers that will help you grow your business
  • Offer something as a way to connect with others. Make a specific value offer – do not make people guess what you can do for them.
  • How to follow up with people, and do it well – it makes all the difference!
  • Customer Management apps, or how to remind yourself to reach out to people and keep a relationship alive
  • Running a network like a business
  • Why being intentional in building connections matters
  • Tips for authors looking to build their professional networks – and why they should be looking to do so in the first place
  • Strategies to keep you on track: Goal documents and monthly Accomplishment reviews
  • Tricks to remembering people’s names – and having them remember yours!
  • How to interview people to create a connection
  • His eBook:

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