Joel Comm | How to Build Products that Interest, Inspire, and Sell

Joel Comm is a New Your Times and USA Today best-selling author, keynote speaker, consultant, and new media innovator. Joel built his first website in 1995, at a time when only 18000 sites existed in the entire world! He remains fascinated with internet and technology to this day, and helps other entrepreneurs leverage social media and generate traffic for their businesses.

In today’s episode, Joel discusses…

  • Working for Barnes & Noble’s after one becomes a successful author
  • His history with the internet, technology, and how he has kept on the forefront of media innovation
  • Writing, publishing, and how he came to work for Barnes & Nobles
  • How to know which ideas are going to be successful
  • Following what interests you and making it profitable
  • Creating products that people remember and love: The importance of a good story (The Theory of the Portable Story – POTS)
  • Being authentic and building a following

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