Jessica Rhodes | How To Build The Right Connections & Get Yourself Noticed

Jessica Rhodes is the founder and CEO of Interview Connections: The go-to site when it comes to increasing your audience through podcasting. Jessica and her team offer services that get people on key podcast shows, as well as help them host successful shows themselves.

Jessica believes in the power of interpersonal relationships. To her, podcasting offers a unique opportunity to build an audience as well as create partnerships with fellow businessmen and women through hosting and guest appearances.

In this episode, Jessica discusses…

  • Her journey from door-to-door marketer to virtual assistant and then, to founding her own business
  • Why you should get interviewed on podcasts
  • The applicability of sales skills to getting yourself on someone’s show
  • What you should look for in choosing which podcasts to reach out to
  • Keeping the host in mind when reaching out to podcasts
  • Making yourself an irresistible choice for a guest
  • The importance of a good About section and availability of Press materials on your site
  • Giving away content for free
  • Cleaning up social imprint
  • The business advantage of podcasting

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