James Hahn II | Find Your Tribe & Boost Traffic to Your Business

James Hahn II is the founder of Tribe Rocket, a site dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs build loyal followings and increase their profits.

James is a digital marketing adviser, entrepreneur, blogger, and host of The Oil and Gas Digital Marketing Podcast. He drives up traffic, profits, and builds loyal customer bases for his customers.

In this episode, James discusses…

  • His experience in augmenting traffic for a physical industry through digital marketing
  • His marketing equation: Content that serves + tactics that rank = prospects that buy
  • Why SEO is still alive, kicking and important.
  • How to create content that people want and need: Customer feedback and Google keyword searches
  • His distribution model and online groups
  • Strategic article writing and niche markets
  • Opportunities for growth in B2B

Links mentioned in this episode:

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