Hacking FaceBook 01: Building Your Empire – Part 1 of 3

When it comes to building an audience I cannot recommend strongly enough you begin with FaceBook. It’s fast, pretty simple (once you get the hang of it) and beyond effective as about 70%+ of the industrialized world spends a few hours a day in there…

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In this section we are going to follow my personal, super simple, 3 step formula…

Build The Pond. Stock The Pond. Fish The Pond.

Here’s what I mean by “Build The Pond”:

#1: Determine Who Your Audience Is
#2: Locate Celebrities/Authority Sites/Authors/Publishers/BIG Names In The Market
#3: Create A Spreadsheet Of Said People
– URL’s/FB Pages + Fan Count/Twitter + Follower Count/Pinterest/Books/Titles/Alexa Ranking
#4: Once You Have 250 + Targets Organize By Social Media Following Size
#5: Run FB “LIKE” Ads To Their Fans
#6: Engage Your New Fans

This list should be growing all the time and will, very quickly become your master sheet for world domination.  These targets are your most vital source of promotional partners, super fans and customers.

Go build your sheet now.  (or just outsource it to Fiverr).  In the next section I’ll break down how you create your LIKE ads.

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