Hacking FaceBook 02: Building Your Empire – Part 2 of 3

In this next installment of “Hacking FaceBook” I’m going to show you the SUPER simple way to “Stock the pond” with fans who are way more likely to love your stuff.  Did you miss the 1st installment?  Click here to check it out >>
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Click To Watch On YouTube >>

Here’s How To Build Your Ad:

Like *TARGET*?
Then LIKE Us!

Test the crap out of photos

Variations on the ad:

Are You Addicted To *TARGET*?
If You’re Addicted To *TARGET* Then LIKE US NOW

Hooked On *TARGET*?
Addicted To *TARGET*?


Targeting: Create a campaign for each of these…

Men/Desktop/35 – 45/USA/Who like *TARGET*
Women/Desktop/35 – 45/USA/Who like *TARGET*
Men/iOS/25 – 45/USA/Who like *TARGET*

Desktop Only
Mobile Only
– iOS vs. Everything else
Men vs Women
Age groups (10 year blocks)

ONLY Run In Newsfeed

Note: Run your ads for 7 days and then pull the responder report. That will show you what states/cities/countries


100K + Targets do optimized for likes/engagement

10K – 25K targets test optimized for likes AND Optimized CPM/CPC

CPM/CPC Bidding:
– Ezra version: $.30 more than the top suggested bid
– Other versions: $.15 over minimum bid

I’ve had great success building LIKE ads with huge audiences and also with small, 10K – 50K targets.

As with everything… it freaking comes down to testing!

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