Dave Kerpen | The Art of Being Likeable & Influencing Your Audience

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable Local, co-founder and chair of Likeable Media, three times NY Times best-seller, top-level speaker and LinkedIn influencer. Dave teaches people the art of being likeable, and helps entrepreneurs gain the visibility and social media clout they need to succeed.

In today’s episode, Dave discusses…

  • His entrepreneur beginnings: Or how he and his wife raised 100k dollars for a wedding broadcasted nation-wide
  • Planning for the year ahead and keeping your goals in mind
  • Spending time on the right things and living a fulfilling life
  • Dealing with “haters”
  • His first company, rebranding, and the decision to found Likeable Local
  • Five (of eleven) principles to being likeable
  • Understanding your platforms as an entrepreneur: The possibilities inherent in podcasting
  • LinkedIn, blogging, and becoming an influencer in your niche

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