Brooke Ballard | Engage Your Customers & Enhance Your Brand

Brooke Ballard is the founder of B Squared Media – a company dedicated to helping businesses large and small engage with their audiences and boost sales. Brooke and her team help businesspeople understand the value of true conversation, as well as provide guidance in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

In this episode, Brooke discusses…

  • Her business vision and B Squared Media’s mission
  • How to properly engage your audience, customer base, and readers
  • The pitfalls of using platforms to broadcast rather than converse
  • The value of third-person perspective, or why you might want to hire a coach
  • Building conversations and communities around quality content
  • Telling the story of your brand with your customers and employees in mind
  • The small business advantage
  • Humanizing your brand: People over logos
  • The four types of disclosure: Why you should focus on opinions and feelings rather than fact and cliches
  • Feedback, complaints, and communication
  • Listening to your competition and your customers

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