A.M. Madden | How to Go from Reader to Successful Indie Author

AM Madden is a best-selling, self-published romance author. Ms. Madden started off as an avid reader of romance, until a particularly vivid dream had her writing her heart out in the middle of the night. She has not stopped writing ever since, and loves every minute of it.

Ms. Madden handles everything – from writing to publishing her books herself. She has taught herself book marketing and social media techniques, and in this episode she discusses…

  • Her life as an author, mother, and wife
  • Her life-long affair with the romantic genre
  • Traditional publishing versus self-publishing, and why she chose the latter
  • Book writing strategies
  • Importance of having an audience
  • Learning book marketing from scratch: The value of blogs, podcasts, and fellow authors
  • Networking, networking, networking!
  • Writing tightly, honestly, and appreciatively – keep yourself from getting lost
  • Sending out ARCs and asking for help (it takes a village!)

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