AudienceHacker-46-500About Your Host Jonny Andrews: Multi-Time Best Selling Author, Publishing Expert, Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Business Strategies Consultant

Since discovering how to “hack” the publishing industry, Jonny Andrews has been known as the go to guy for author entrepreneurs when it comes to launching a successful business or books by leveraging the power of audience & Amazon. His techniques for using leveraged publishing systems has propelled clients works to massive bestseller status in their first week, hitting #10 on Amazon and #2 on the Wall Street Journal.

His programs have helped thousands create massive publishing successes in both fiction & nonfiction by the use of a simple but powerful 3 step “clarity hacking” process. Now Jonny shares his tips, tactics, tricks along with expert advice on his show “Audience Hacker”, the #1 podcast for author entrepreneurs.

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What Do You Do?

I help authors & content marketers sell more books by growing their audience, their influence and their leverage.

How Do You Do It?

By quickly identifying where they are, where they want to be and then bridging the gap by creating systematic strategies that eliminate/overcome any obstacles in their way.

ILVNLogoFounder: I Love Vampire Novels

He is the founder of I Love Vampire Novels, a book discovery ecosystem reaching up to 3.7 million readers each week in the paranormal genera.  ILVN is considered by many authors to be one of the top needle movers for book sales second only to the promotional giant: BookBub.



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My Personal Story:

When I turned 27 I made a life changing decision: I decided I was sick of being broke, fat and miserable living a life that was totally going in the wrong direction. I had to make a change. So I did what any guy in my situation would do… I “cut the cord” and decided to move out of the apartment with my at that time girlfriend and literally moved into the worlds smallest office. I was going to become rich as a Real Estate investor!

What I thought was going to take a few weeks and at the most a month ended up being almost a year.

About two weeks before closing on a series of deals that would have earned me almost $5,000/month in passive income, I received a call from the underwriter that I no longer qualified for the loans because I was late on my mortgage.

How could that be, I thought. I live in this small office and as of this moment don’t own any property.

Upon investigation it seems a nice man named Rodrigo Lopez had stolen my identity, purchased a home and was currently behind on his payments.

Instantly I went into “credit repair” mode but it was too late. In just a few short days I watched everything I had spent almost a year working for come crashing down around my ears. I had no money, my credit was shot and my cards were maxed out. My only hope was to over draw my bank account to get enough cash so I could drive from St. Charles, IL to Asheville, NC to crash with my folks.

Holidays that year were humiliating. All hail the return of the triumphant entrepreneur.

After a few weeks and some serious conversations about lifestyle choices, my folks were kind enough to loan me a bit of money to get back to Chicago. Once back I had to get a job. The only issue was my credit looked like a nuke had gone off. Until it I was on the receiving end of it I had no idea just how vital having a good score was. For the sort of jobs I was qualified for… I was untouchable.

The only place that would hire me was a day labor agency who wanted me to help them develop a skilled staffing division. I took the job.

While working there I discovered internet marketing and devoted every nonworking waking moment to learning how to build an online business.

I guess looking back I may have spent a bit too much time on my business and not enough on theirs because about 14 months in they decided to fire me and yet again I found myself in a desperate dash to afford food.

My first sales online were from a Google Adwords campaign where I sold ClickBank products as an affiliate. How To Stop Sweating & How To Lose Man Boobs. (No, I’m not kidding)

That’s all it took and it was like a switch had been flipped.

A few months later I had moved from selling other peoples stuff to selling my own. My first product launch brought in $2,500 and to me it was like a billion.

About a year after that I had done my first million in sales.

And that’s when the story gets really interesting…

Have A Podcast Or Want To Book Jonny For A Hilarious & Info Packed Interview?

Simply email your request to: hacker (at) audiencehacker (dot) com