cia-logosmAudience Hacker Has Been Nominated For The 2014 Chicago Innovation Awards

Audience Hacker is a show for “author-entrepreneurs” and those who aspire to become them.   In this rapidly changing publishing & entrepreneurial climate a single fact has risen to the top: Almost more vital for authors than having a book, is having an audience to whom they can sell it.  Audience Hacker deconstructs the stories behind successful business and publishing models allowing author entrepreneurs to effectively navigate a pathway through the madness.  Each lesson in each episode can be fully utilized to get your head right, better understand your outcome and add give you the secrets you need to launch. Featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in publishing, self publishing & social business, Jonny “Hacks” into what it takes to start strong, grow fast and stay on top.

From major players in YouTube to mobile, from Facebook to the New York Times and Amazon, every “Eyeball Farm” is uncovered and exposed. By pulling the best and brightest and asking the question “who were you then and how did you become who you are now?” you’ll get the real inside story on what’s working now and what you need to avoid like the plague.

Humorous and irreverent, your host Jonny Andrews will take you on journey to inspire and awaken you to what is possible in online business and exactly how to “Hack Your Audience” the right way.

What Is An “Author-Entrepreneur?”: An entrepreneur who either has a book or is thinking of creating a book to grow their business, increase their visibility in the market or generate more leads.

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