054: Keith Kranc | Killer FaceBook Advertising Techniques To Grow Your Audience NOW

Keith Kranc of Dominate Web Media is the person to go to for all of your FaceBook advertising needs. Keith specializes in FaceBook advertisement, and is indeed the co-author of the “Ultimate Guide to FaceBook” (revised version, to be released October 2014).

Once a local business owner himself, Keith began investigating the benefits of online marketing back in 2008. Now, Keith helps fellow entrepreneurs (including the hugely successful John Lee Dumas) reach their targeted audiences and monetize their traffic with FaceBook as a platform of choice. His business has grown to produce millions in sales and guide millions more in FaceBook ad investments.

In today’s episode, Keith discusses…

  • The changes in FaceBook algorithm: What is new, what remains the same, and why you should invest in growing the FaceBook user experience
  • Benefits of online advertisement for local businesses
  • Monetizing traffic
  • Growing relationships with customers as a marketing strategy. Why it is important to set aside a budget for online marketing, however small – even if you do not have any products to sell yet
  • Utilizing look-alike audiences on FaceBook
  • Scraping tactics: A potential hazard
  • Why you should use FaceBook for marketing, now more than ever
  • Funneling traffic from FaceBook to a landing page: All about the process
  • Gathering webinar traffic: How to hook “cold traffic”
  • Social proof as motivation for customers

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