044: James Swanwick | Get Confident & Realize Your Dreams

James Swanwick is an ESPN-anchor, a published author, and a journalist with more than 20 years’ worth of experience in TV and print magazines and newspapers across the globe. Most of all, James is a passionate entrepreneur with a get-it-done mindset.

James launched his career by literally shooting for the stars: After moving to Los Angeles from Australia, he decided to establish himself in the journalist business by interviewing top-level celebrities – and that is exactly what he did.


In today’s episode, James discusses…

  • His journey to success in podcasting, journalism, and business in general
  • Acquiring the right mindset: Self-motivation techniques, time scheduling tips, and persistency as a winning strategy
  • Best practices when it comes to reaching out to journalists for press releases, content promotion, and the like. James speaks from personal experience, having been on both ends of this exchange
  • Interviewing techniques that will set you apart and get your guest engaging with and connecting to you and your audience
  • Work hard, and get yourself out there

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Great books James recommends:

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